The Complex

Who are we ?


Mathieu Baker

A globetrotter since his late teenage years, Mathieu perfected his management skills and understanding of human beings on both sides of the Atlantic before coming back to Canada and starting his studies in thanatology. After spending four years in Toronto in a reputable funeral home, working with a wide range of cultures and values, he went back to Quebec with a newfound sensitivity and openness that will be very useful to him in his new field of expertise. A new graduate speaking several languages, Mathieu immersed himself in his new job for a few years before buying the family business in 2007.

He first acquired a Complexe Funéraire in Cowansville and then opened another in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Added to this was the major expansion of the first family complex in Bedford in 2011, and the business took off with new energy. He is now a part of the fourth generation of a company that is more than reputable in the funeral industry, that continues to maintain momentum, and in which he takes great pride. Mathieu enjoys the diversity that comes with a job that meets two of his values: the human approach and communication. A father of three, it is with his family that he loves to celebrate life!

Normand Larose
Director of Operations

With his hotel, food services and management experience, Normand Larose is a valuable addition to the company. His customer service approach and managerial qualities have been rewarded several times over the years. As Director of Operations, he ensures that the various tasks linking staff, management and clients are carried out smoothly. Organized, meticulous, and a good communicator who is empathetic and smiling, Normand likes to add the little touch that will cheer people up despite this difficult time.

Coming from a large close-knit family, for Normand celebrating life means taking advantage of all the opportunities presented to get together and have fun. In the Larose family, death is experienced as a normal part of life, as an inevitable path that everyone eventually takes. We might as well experience it as serenely as possible and until then, enjoy the life we are given.